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We’re a professional supplier of roller shade fabric in China, offering a wide range of high-quality materials to meet your window treatment needs.

Our collection includes blackout, light-filtering, and sheer fabrics, each designed to provide optimal light control, privacy, and energy efficiency.

Blackout fabrics are perfect for bedrooms and media rooms, ensuring complete darkness and privacy. Light-filtering fabrics allow natural light to softly illuminate your space while maintaining privacy, ideal for living rooms and kitchens. Sheer fabrics offer a delicate, translucent look, perfect for creating an airy and open feel.

Our roller shade fabrics are available in various colors, patterns, and textures, allowing you to customize your window treatments to match any décor.

Trust us for durable, stylish, and functional roller shade fabrics that enhance the beauty and comfort of your home or office.

How To Choose Roller Blind Fabric?

Roller blind is one of the most popular window furnishings due to its neat and clean look, durability and easy operation.

When customer choose a roller shade fabric, the answer will be decided by below questions:

Where Do I Need This Shade?

Depending on the which room the shade will be use, it will lead to different selection of fabrics.

When your application are in hospitality industry like hotel, government building, education facility etc, the first thing you need to consider is fire retardant, for hospitality industry, fire retardant is usually mandatory.

In different countries there are different standards, for example BS5867 is a standard for U.K. while NFPA701 is for U.S. market, for some industry like fabric used in recreational vehicle will need to pass FMVSS 302.

How to Choose the Right Roller Shade Fabric?

We have a wide range of fabrics that exceed the request for different fire retardant standard both in light filtering and blackout and it will help with your customer’s different request on light control.

When it comes to residential usage then you will need to think about which room you need the shade to be installed. If you want more privacy in a room, then a tighter or closed fabric weave is the best choice. Whereas, open weave fabrics let you enjoy the beautiful views while still filtering some of the light that could come glaring into your home.

When it comes to the function of your blinds and what a room will be used for, the fabric you ultimately choose will determine how well the blinds do their job.

For instance, the strong morning sunlight can be quite annoying if your bedroom window is facing the direction of sunrise, you probably want a material or fabric that completely blocks out the bright morning sun light.

In contrast, a light fabric that filters the light will be more proper for the kitchen or living room as you usually don’t need light to be completely blocked in these rooms.

What Function Do I Need for This Shade?

If you have wide open windows with full glasses, you will need to be careful on choose the right color and openness of fabric.

When you have strong light from these windows, a bright white light filtering fabric may bring more glare and make you eye very uncomfortable. Therefore a slightly darker light filtering fabric will help to filter the glare while still having a good view of the outside view.

Energy saving is also one key function especially when it comes to hot summer. Our blackout fabrics does not only block the light, the 3 layers coating also significantly block the heat from coming inside room, it can save energy cost in a considerable way.

What Are The Types Of Fabrics From The Perspective Of Function?

Window shade fabrics are divided into 4 main groups decided by the light they block, so they are transparent fabric, translucent fabric, room darkening or dimout fabric, and then blackout fabrics. 

For translucent and transparent fabric, we called it Light filtering fabric, usually, they are similar types of fabrics depending on the privacy you want.

Both let the light goes into the room but with transparent fabrics, you can see through the fabrics and get a good view of the outside, which means during the night time when you close the transparent shade and turn the light on the inside house, people will be able to see inside of your house.

However with translucent fabric, it let the light in during the daytime, but when it comes to night time when you lower the shade, people are not able to see inside. 

For room darkening fabrics and blackout fabrics, these are the ones that keep the light out of your room so that you have good privacy and keep all the light that you don’t want out of your room.

For blackout roller shade fabrics, it is a perfect choice for bedroom use especially for people who are sensitive to light during sleeping time and for those who have to work at night shift and have to have good sleep during the daytime. 

It is also a good option for keep furniture fading away from the UV light, so if you have a holiday house where you don’t stay all the time, you can have a blackout or dimout shade to protect the furniture from the UV sunlight.

What Are These Window Shade Fabrics Made From?

There are different window shade materials, mostly are polyester, linen, cotton, PVC, etc.

Window shade materials are usually weaved tight, and even despite textures and patterns for aesthetical reasons, a strong and tight weave give the durability roller shade need under strong daylight and probably air-conditioning throughout the year.

And usually, roller shade fabric needs to be coated after weaving, this is to make sure the flatness and stability that a roller blind needs, the coating material are acrylic this is the most common material you can find all around you from paint children use to draw to the cloth people ware for baseball games, they are proved to be safe for home use.

Some people are sensitive to the smell of PVC, and we do have good options for PVC-free fabrics so that you have other good choices especially to replace regular sunscreen fabrics.

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